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This repository is our monorepo holding all our NPM packages.
This folder holds @freesewing/models

Body measurements data for a range of default sizes


In node.js:

import { manSize38 } from @freesewing/models

which will give you an object with measurement: value pairs. The example above gives you:

  bicepsCircumference: 305,
  centerBackNeckToWaist: 495,
  chestCircumference: 965,
  headCircumference: 580,
  hipsCircumference: 838,
  hipsToUpperLeg: 202,
  naturalWaistToHip: 110,
  neckCircumference: 391,
  shoulderSlope: 49,
  shoulderToShoulder: 444,
  shoulderToWrist: 680,
  upperLegCircumference: 598,
  wristCircumference: 185


All measurements are in mm.

Available models

  • manSize34
  • manSize36
  • manSize38
  • manSize40
  • manSize42
  • manSize44

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