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    Creates a input field for a form. Granted, may be overkill, but it helps with labels and such. Works with AppStateESS/Canopy.


    npm install --save-dev @essappstate/canopy-react-inputfield


    import InputField from '@essappstate/canopy-react-inputfield'
    setUsername(val) {
      this.setState({username: val})
    render() {


    Prop name Type Description
    name string Name parameter of input
    label string A label that displays before the input
    type string text, password, date, datetime, etc.
    value string,number Value to appear in the field. Should couple to the state
    change function Function called on change
    blur function Function call when input blurred
    placeholder string Default placeholder text shown in the input
    errorMessage string Error message you want to appear under the input field
    iid string Id parameter of input
    autocomplete boolean The autocomplete status. Default true (not shown)
    required boolean Whether input field is required for form. Will warn when blurred
    disabled boolean If true, input will be disabled and unaccessible
    size string,number Size of input (will not affect width due to Bootstrap 100%)
    maxLength number Maximum number of characters allowed in field
    wrap function Function that will receive the input field only. Useful if you want to wrap the input in tag but not the label
    selectOnClick boolean If true, the value in the input will be highlighted for replacement
    onEmpty function Function that should be run if the input is empty and blurred
    disableRequireCheck boolean Disable the blur empty check when flagged as required. Lets you set your own way of handling empty inputs.



    npm i @essappstate/canopy-react-inputfield

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