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Simple wallet address validator for validating Bitcoin and other altcoins addresses in Node.js and browser.

Forked from ognus/wallet-address-validator which was forked from ryanralph/altcoin-address.

Did you know? This package is under active development by Swyftx. Swyftx allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and many more assets using Australian Dollars. Buy Bitcoin in Australia

File size is ~35.2 kB (minifed and gzipped - ~67.8% smaller).



npm install wallet-address-validator


<script src="wallet-address-validator.min.js"></script>


validate (address [, currency = 'bitcoin'[, networkType = 'prod']])
  • address - Wallet address to validate.
  • currency - Optional. Currency name or symbol, e.g. 'bitcoin' (default), 'litecoin' or 'LTC'
  • networkType - Optional. Use 'prod' (default) to enforce standard address, 'testnet' to enforce testnet address and 'both' to enforce nothing.

Returns true if the address (string) is a valid wallet address for the crypto currency specified, see below for supported currencies.

Supported crypto currencies

  • 0x/zrx '0x' or 'zrx'
  • AdEx/adx 'AdEx' or 'adx'
  • aelf/ELF 'aelf' or 'ELF'
  • Aeternity/ae 'Aeternity' or 'ae'
  • Aragon/ant 'Aragon' or 'ant'
  • Ardor/ardr 'Ardor' or 'ardr'
  • Augur/rep 'Augur' or 'rep'
  • AuroraCoin/aur 'AuroraCoin' or 'aur'
  • Australian Dollars/aud 'Australian Dollars' or 'aud'
  • Bancor/bnt 'Bancor' or 'bnt'
  • Bankex/bkx 'Bankex' or 'bkx'
  • BasicAttentionToken/bat 'BasicAttentionToken' or 'bat'
  • BeaverCoin/bvc 'BeaverCoin' or 'bvc'
  • BinanceCoin/bnb 'BinanceCoin' or 'bnb'
  • BioCoin/bio 'BioCoin' or 'bio'
  • Bitcoin/btc 'Bitcoin' or 'btc'
  • Bitcoin Diamond/bcd 'Bitcoin Diamond' or 'bcd'
  • BitcoinCash/bcc 'BitcoinCash' or 'bcc'
  • BitcoinCash/bch 'BitcoinCash' or 'bch'
  • BitcoinGold/btg 'BitcoinGold' or 'btg'
  • BitcoinPrivate/btcp 'BitcoinPrivate' or 'btcp'
  • BitcoinZ/btcz 'BitcoinZ' or 'btcz'
  • Bitquence/bqx 'Bitquence' or 'bqx'
  • Bitshares/bts 'Bitshares' or 'bts'
  • BitTorrent/btt 'BitTorrent' or 'btt'
  • Callisto/clo 'Callisto' or 'clo'
  • Cardano/ada 'Cardano' or 'ada'
  • Chainlink/link 'Chainlink' or 'link'
  • Civic/cvc 'Civic' or 'cvc'
  • Cosmos/atom 'Cosmos' or 'atom'
  • Dash/dash 'Dash' or 'dash'
  • Decentraland/MANA 'Decentraland' or 'MANA'
  • Decred/dcr 'Decred' or 'dcr'
  • Dent/dent 'Dent' or 'dent'
  • DigiByte/dgb 'DigiByte' or 'dgb'
  • District0x/dnt 'District0x' or 'dnt'
  • DogeCoin/doge 'DogeCoin' or 'doge'
  • Enjin Coin/enj 'Enjin Coin' or 'enj'
  • EOS/eos 'EOS' or 'eos'
  • Ethereum/eth 'Ethereum' or 'eth'
  • EthereumClassic/etc 'EthereumClassic' or 'etc'
  • EtherZero/etz 'EtherZero' or 'etz'
  • ETHOS/ethos 'ETHOS' or 'ethos'
  • Expanse/exp 'Expanse' or 'exp'
  • FreiCoin/frc 'FreiCoin' or 'frc'
  • FunFair/fun 'FunFair' or 'fun'
  • GameCredits/game 'GameCredits' or 'game'
  • GarliCoin/grlc 'GarliCoin' or 'grlc'
  • Gnosis/gno 'Gnosis' or 'gno'
  • Golem/gnt 'Golem' or 'gnt'
  • Golem/gnt 'Golem' or 'gnt'
  • Holo/HOT 'Holo' or 'HOT'
  • Horizen/zen 'Horizen' or 'zen'
  • Hush/hush 'Hush' or 'hush'
  • ICON/icx 'ICON' or 'icx'
  • iExec RLC/rlc 'iExec RLC' or 'rlc'
  • Internet of Services/IOST 'Internet of Services' or 'IOST'
  • Komodo/kmd 'Komodo' or 'kmd'
  • Lisk/lsk 'Lisk' or 'lsk'
  • LiteCoin/ltc 'LiteCoin' or 'ltc'
  • Matchpool/gup 'Matchpool' or 'gup'
  • MegaCoin/mec 'MegaCoin' or 'mec'
  • Melon/mln 'Melon' or 'mln'
  • Metal/mtl 'Metal' or 'mtl'
  • Monacao/mco 'Monacao' or 'mco'
  • MonaCoin/mona 'MonaCoin' or 'mona'
  • Monero/xmr 'Monero' or 'xmr'
  • NameCoin/nmc 'NameCoin' or 'nmc'
  • Nano/nano 'Nano' or 'nano'
  • NEM/xem 'NEM' or 'xem'
  • Neo/neo 'Neo' or 'neo'
  • NeoGas/gas 'NeoGas' or 'gas'
  • Nexus/nxs 'Nexus' or 'nxs'
  • Numeraire/nmr 'Numeraire' or 'nmr'
  • Odyssey/ocn 'Odyssey' or 'ocn'
  • OmiseGO/omg 'OmiseGO' or 'omg'
  • Ontology/ont 'Ontology' or 'ont'
  • Paxos Standard Token/pax 'Paxos Standard Token' or 'pax'
  • PeerCoin/ppc 'PeerCoin' or 'ppc'
  • PIVX/pivx 'PIVX' or 'pivx'
  • Polymath/poly 'Polymath' or 'poly'
  • Populous/ppt 'Populous' or 'ppt'
  • PowerLedger/powr 'PowerLedger' or 'powr'
  • PrimeCoin/xpm 'PrimeCoin' or 'xpm'
  • ProtoShares/pts 'ProtoShares' or 'pts'
  • Pundi X/npxs 'Pundi X' or 'npxs'
  • Qtum/qtum 'Qtum' or 'qtum'
  • RaiBlocks/xrb 'RaiBlocks' or 'xrb'
  • Ravencoin/rvn 'Ravencoin' or 'rvn'
  • RipioCreditNetwork/rcn 'RipioCreditNetwork' or 'rcn'
  • Ripple/xrp 'Ripple' or 'xrp'
  • Salt/salt 'Salt' or 'salt'
  • Siacoin/sc 'Siacoin' or 'sc'
  • SnowGem/sng 'SnowGem' or 'sng'
  • SolarCoin/slr 'SolarCoin' or 'slr'
  • Status/snt 'Status' or 'snt'
  • STEEM/steem 'STEEM' or 'steem'
  • Stellar Lumens/xlm 'Stellar Lumens' or 'xlm'
  • Storj/storj 'Storj' or 'storj'
  • Storm/storm 'Storm' or 'storm'
  • Stratis/strat 'Stratis' or 'strat'
  • Substratum/sub 'Substratum' or 'sub'
  • Swarm City/swt 'Swarm City' or 'swt'
  • Syscoin/sys 'Syscoin' or 'sys'
  • TenX/pay 'TenX' or 'pay'
  • Tether/usdt 'Tether' or 'usdt'
  • THETA/theta 'THETA' or 'theta'
  • Tron/trx 'Tron' or 'trx'
  • TrueUSD/tusd 'TrueUSD' or 'tusd'
  • USD Coin/usdc 'USD Coin' or 'usdc'
  • VeChain/vet 'VeChain' or 'vet'
  • Verge/xvg 'Verge' or 'xvg'
  • VertCoin/vtc 'VertCoin' or 'vtc'
  • Viberate/vib 'Viberate' or 'vib'
  • VoteCoin/vot 'VoteCoin' or 'vot'
  • WaltonChain/wtc 'WaltonChain' or 'wtc'
  • Waves/waves 'Waves' or 'waves'
  • Wings/wings 'Wings' or 'wings'
  • ZCash/zec 'ZCash' or 'zec'
  • ZClassic/zcl 'ZClassic' or 'zcl'
  • ZenCash/zen 'ZenCash' or 'zen'
  • Zilliqa/zil 'Zilliqa' or 'zil'

Usage example


var WAValidator = require('wallet-address-validator');
var valid = WAValidator.validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'BTC');
    console.log('This is a valid address');
    console.log('Address INVALID');
// This will log 'This is a valid address' to the console.
var WAValidator = require('wallet-address-validator');
var valid = WAValidator.validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'litecoin', 'testnet');
      console.log('This is a valid address');
      console.log('Address INVALID');
// As this is a invalid litecoin address 'Address INVALID' will be logged to console.


<script src="wallet-address-validator.min.js"></script>
// WAValidator is exposed as a global (window.WAValidator)
var valid = WAValidator.validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'bitcoin');
    alert('This is a valid address');
    alert('Address INVALID');
// This should show a pop up with text 'This is a valid address'.


npm i @elevenyellow.com/crypto-address-validator

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