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EGO Chat

JavaScript library chat that use WebSocket.

Example of usage

const egoChat = new Chat({
    serverUrl: 'ws://localhost:7000',
    onOpen: [onOpen],
    onMessage: [onMessage]
 * Listener of open connection
 * @param {MessageEvent} message 
function onOpen(message) {
    //  Call on open connection
 * Listener on coming message
 * @param {MessageEvent} message 
function onMessage(message) {
    //  Do something with new incoming message
 * Send message to chat by click on button
 * @param e
function eventSend(e) {
    // Send JSON message
        userInfo: {
            id: this.userInfo.id,
            name: this.userInfo.name,
            avatar: this.userInfo.avatar
        data: {
            chatId: 1,
            text: input

It's simple usage of chat.



serverUrl: string|null;

Socket server URL.

format: string;

Message format.

connection: WebSocket|null;

WebSocket Connection.

onClose: Function[];

onClose listeners

onError: Function[];

onError listeners

onMessage: Function[];

onMessage listeners

onOpen: Function[];

onOpen listeners

onBeforeSend: Function[];

onBeforeSend listeners

onAfterSend: Function[];

onAfterSend listeners


options.serverUrl:string - Server URL of chat

options.format:string - Message format

options.onClose:Function|Function[] - onClose listeners

options.onError:Function|Function[] - onError listeners

options.onMessage:Function|Function[] - onMessage listeners

options.onOpen:Function|Function[]- onOpen listeners

Return EgoChat

setServerUrl(serverUrl: string): void;

Set Server URL

setFormat(format: string): void;

Set Message Format

setOnClose(onClose: Function): void;

Set onClose listener

removeOnClose(onClose: Function): void;

Remove onClose listener by function

removeAllOnClose(): void;

Remove all onClose listeners

setOnError(onError: Function): void;

Set onError listener

removeOnError(onError: Function): void;

Remove onError listener by function

removeAllOnError(): void;

Remove all onError listeners

setOnMessage(onMessage: Function): void;

Set onMessage listener

removeOnMessage(onMessage: Function): void;

Remove onMessage listener by function

removeAllOnMessage(): void;

Remove all onMessage listeners

setOnOpen(onOpen: Function): void;

Set onOpen listener

removeOnOpen(onOpen: Function): void;

Remove onOpen listener by function

removeAllOnOpen(): void;

Remove all onOpen listeners

setOnBeforeSend(onBeforeSend: Function): void;

Set onBeforeSend listener

removeOnBeforeSend(onBeforeSend: Function): void;

Remove onBeforeSend listener by function

removeAllOnBeforeSend(): void;

Remove all onBeforeSend listeners

setOnAfterSend(onAfterSend: Function): void;

Set onAfterSend listener

removeOnAfterSend(onAfterSend: Function): void;

Remove onAfterSend listener by function

removeAllOnAfterSend(): void;

Remove all onAfterSend listeners

init(): void;

Init chat

send(message: string): void;

Send message

close(code?: number, reason?: string): void;

Close connection

code:number - A numeric value indicating the status code explaining why the connection is being closed. If this parameter is not specified, a default value of 1005 is assumed.

reason:string - A human-readable string explaining why the connection is closing. This string must be no longer than 123 bytes of UTF-8 text (not characters).


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