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    Vuex Solido

    Vuex Solido allows to add @decent-bet/solido capabilities to vuex. It consist for now in an enhanced action that add three new parameters to every action created based on it.

    • setup(): recieve all the settings needed.
    • getContract(): return a contract instance of a class based on @decent-bet/solido.
    • currentConfig: an object that store the config initially passed to the setup method, check the interface SolidoProviderConfig.

    Getting started

    Install: npm i --save @decent-bet/vuex-solido Follow the instructions to use the decorators from @decent-bet/solido.

    Using the enhanced action

    Frist of all you need to add some mutations to your store or module of your store:

      import { solidoMutations } from '@decent-bet/vuex-solido';
         // your mutations


    • You should call setup() before any access to currentConfig or call to getContract()
    • You should get all the settings needed to create a SolidoModule;
    import { ActionContext } from 'vuex';
    import { ConnexPlugin, ContractProviderMapping } from "@decent-bet/solido";
    import { solidoAction, SolidoProviderConfig } from '@decent-bet/vuex-solido';
    import { MySubState } from './MySubState'; // use your own state definitions
    import { MyRootState } from './MyRootState'; // use your own state definitions
    import { MyContract } from './MyContract';  // created using @decent-bet/solido.
    import { MyContractImport } from './MyContractImport';
    // the solidoAction receive a type of the return, in this case Promise<void>, 
    // the second param is a function and can be awaitable like in this case  
    const setupWallet = solidoAction<Promise<void>>(async <MySubState, MyRootState>(
      context: ActionContext<MySubState, MyRootState>) => {
      const {
      } = context;
      // get all the config needed, in this case we are using vechain connex and comet from https://www.totientlabs.com/
      const { thor, connex } = window;
      if(!thor || !connex) {
        throw new Error('Thor or connex not found.')
      try {
        const cometResult = await thor.enable();
        const [defaultAccount] = cometResult;
        const _ = await connex.thor.block(0).get();
        const { id } = connex.thor.genesis;
        const chainTag = `0x${id.substring(id.length - 2, id.length)}`;
        const config: SolidoProviderConfig = {
          connex: {
        const contractMappings: ContractProviderMapping[] = [{
              name: 'MyTokenContract',
              import: MyContractImport,
              entity: MyContract,
              provider: ConnexPlugin
        setup(config, contractMappings);
        commit('YOUR_WALLET_SETUP_MUTATION', { success: true });
      } catch(error) {
        // User rejected provider access
        commit('YOUR_WALLET_SETUP_MUTATION', { success: false });

    Access to the wallet info:

    // get the wallet info, you only be able to access the currentConfig after call to setup() method
    const setupWallet = solidoAction<Promise<void>>(<MySubStateMyRootState>(
      contextActionContext<MySubState, MyRootState>, balance?: any
    ) => {
      const {
        currentConfig // {SolidoProviderConfig}
      } = context;
      // access to the public address and the networkIdentifier (networkId for Ethereum and chainTag for Vechain/Thor)
      const { connex } = currentConfig;
      console.log(`My address is: ${connex.defaultAccount} and the chainTag is: ${chainTag}`);
      commit('YOUR_WALLET_CONFIG_MUTATION', connex);

    Get a contract and call to a method:

    // get any created contract based on @decent-bet/solido
    const getBalance = solidoAction<Promise<void>>(async <MySubState, MyRootState>(
      context: ActionContext<MySubState, MyRootState>, balance?: any
    ) => {
      const {
      } = context;
      // get the class instace of MyContract class
      const contract = getContract<MyContract>('MyTokenContract');
      const balance = await contract.myBalance();
      commit('SET_BALANCE', balance);


    npm i @decent-bet/vuex-solido

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