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DataStructures TS

Linked List

The Linked List is a linear structure of Nodes. Each node is a seperate object. Each data item (Node) is made with a relationship to its nextNode.

This is the Linked List Package of Data Structures TS.


The commmands below provide package manager install instructions.


npm i @datastructures/linked-list -D


yarn add @datastructures/linked-list -D


New Linked Lists can be created by importing the Linked List and setting them up similarly to the example below.

import { LinkedList } from '@datastructures/linked-list'
const List = new LinkedList()

Furthermore, the Linked List accepts nodes with a name and data. This creates the ability to find Nodes and also contain useful data with them.

import { LinkedList } from '@datastructures/linked-list'
const List = new LinkedList()
List.appendNode('foo', data)
List.appendNode('foo', data)


Linked List Illustration

Listed below is the Linked List API. This Linked List utility is built as a calss

Node Arguments

name: when adding a Node a string is always required

ex: const List = LinkedList(); List.appendNode('foo')

data: a data {object} for containing useful data with a Node

ex: const List = LinkedList(); List.appendNode('foo', { name: 'foo' })


appendNode(name, data): adds a Node with a name and an optional data {object} to the List.

ex: List.appendNode('foo')

removeNode(name): removes a Node by name from the List

ex: List.removeNode('foo')

traverseList(fn): envokes a callback function (fn) on each node within a list

ex: const fn = (node) => console.log("This node's name is ", node.name); List.removeNode(fn)

appendNodeAt(index, name): moves a pre-existing node to a certain position within the list by index and name

ex: List.appendNodeAt(2, 'foo')

reverseList: reverses the order of Nodes within a List

ex: List.reverseList()

findNode(name): finds a Node within a List based on Node name

ex: List.findNode('foo')

toArray: returns a List as an array

ex: List.toArray()

getIndexOfNode(name): returns the index of Node with a list based on Node name

ex: List.getIndexOfNode('foo')

length: returns the length of the List

ex: List.length()

clear: clears the List

ex: List.clear()

removeDuplicateNodes: removes nodes that have the same name

ex: List.removeDuplicateNodes()

constructNewList: creates a new List with an array of Nodes

ex: const nodes = [{ name: 'foo' }, { name: 'bar' }];List.constructNewList(nodes)


The list below provides links to other helpful tools for understanding the Linked List data structure.

Code Examples


npm i @datastructures/linked-list

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