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This package has been deprecated

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Moved to https://www.npmjs.com/package/lib-tools


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Angular Build & Packaging Tool

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Another bundling and npm packaging helper tool for Typescript & Angular library projects. It also supports for bundling of Angular application projects.

Project Moved

This repo is now archived and moved to https://github.com/lib-tools/lib-tools.


  • Bundling and npm packaging of Angular & Typescript library projects (internally with rollup).
  • Bundling of Angular application projects (internally with webpack).
  • This npm package can be consumed by Angular Cli, Webpack Cli, or built-in cli.
  • Flexable JSON configuration with extendable config options.

Library Project Build / Packaging Features

  • Can bundles library projects into either Angular Package Format (APF) v10.0 (fesm2015, fesm5, umd formats) or custom output formats.
  • Can customize ngc typescript transpilations and bundle options.
  • Supports secondary entry points such as @angular/common/http.
  • Can inline/embed Angular resources such as templateUrl and styleUrls.
  • Supports built-in style processing of .css and .scss files.
  • Supports style preprocessor options for .scss files.
  • Automatic copying and entry point processing of package.json file to output directory.
  • Can copy assets (README, LICENSE, etc.) to output directory.
  • Can replace individual package.json version, name, description, etc with root package.json one or command argument.
  • Can replace version placeholder in typescript file.
  • Can replace version, package name placeholders in banner file.
  • Supports bundling and packaging of (Non-Angular) Typescript library projects.

Application Project Build Features

  • Most of @angular-devkit/build-angular options are supported
  • Customizable html injection - can inject bundled scripts, links, resource hints, etc into separate files or partial view files.
  • DLL bundling support for optimizing build time.
  • Can merge built-in configurations with custom webpack configuration.

Getting Started


Supported Angular Versions

  • Angular v10.0.0 or greater


To install the angular-build to your workspace root:


npm install -D @dagonmetric/angular-build

or yarn

yarn add -D @dagonmetric/angular-build


Some Projects with angular-build

  • ng-config - Configuration and options service for Angular

  • ng-log - Vendor-agnostic logging, analytics and telemetry service abstractions and some implementations for Angular

  • ng-cache - Caching service for Angular

  • ng-translit - Transliterate service for Angular

  • ng-zawgyi-detector - Zawgyi-One and standard Myanmar Unicode detector library for Angular

  • zawgyi-unicode-translit-rules - (Non-Angular project) Zawgyi Unicode transliterate / convert regular expression rules in JavaScript and JSON formats

Special Thanks

Thanks to JetBrains for supporting us free open source licenses.


Feedback and Contributing

Check out the Contributing page.


This repository is licensed with the MIT license.


npm i @dagonmetric/angular-build

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