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    This package aims to make using reddit's api easier for the average user. It includes a package which is used in code, and a cli to be used in the command line It can be used in both js and ts



    npm i @cxllm/reddit


    npm i -g @cxllm/reddit

    Package documentation

    The package currently has 5 methods, 4 of which work in the same way and return the same data format


    Importing/Requring the package is easy, and you can pull specific methods also

    Import all methods:

    const Reddit = require("@cxllm/reddit");
    import Reddit from "@cxllm/reddit";

    Import specific methods:

    const {random, top, rising, newPost} = require("@cxllm/reddit") //in this context, "newPost" must be used as new collides with the constructor
    import {random, top, rising, newPost} from "@cxllm/reddit";


    I am going to group 4 methods into one in this documentation as they all return the same data and all work in the same way

    random, top, rising and new/newPost:

    All the methods must be treated as async (await or .then) as they make web requested In this example, I will use r/memes as my subreddit:

    const sub = "memes"; //you can also use r/memes as it slices it in the function
    (async () => {
        try {
            await Reddit.random(sub) //fetches a random post from r/memes
            await Reddit.top(sub) //fetches a random top post from r/memes
            await Reddit.new(sub) //fetches a random new post from r/memes
            await Reddit.newPost(sub) //same as above
            await Reddit.rising(sub) //fetches a random rising post from r/memes
        } catch { //catches the error if a subreddit doesn't exist
            console.log("Subreddit does not exist")

    All these methods return the data format below with different data:

      upvotes: 894,
      downvotes: 0,
      author: 'adithya17',
      title: '*Soviet Union anthem intensifies*',
      url: 'https://reddit.com/r/memes/comments/ig7e97/soviet_union_anthem_intensifies/',
      subreddit: 'memes',
      image: 'https://i.redd.it/t6zd3k9tn3j51.jpg',
      score: 894,
      edited: false,
      nsfw: false,
      video: false,
      created: 2020-08-25T15:19:25.000Z

    The "created" parameter is an instance of the Date class If the subreddit does not exist, an error is thrown


    In this package, I have included an exists method to tell you if a subreddit exists or not. This method must be treated as an async (await, .then) as it is making web requests Below is an example of usage

    (async () => {
        await Reddit.exists("memes") //true
        await Reddit.exists("iwjfiahfksdagukashgiaerjgkaeflaguaksgyguskfpok") //false

    CLI documentation

    The cli is very simple and easy to use, and it can be called from reddit reddit help shows all the commands and how to use them reddit new <subreddit> gets a random new post from a subreddit reddit rising <subreddit> gets a random rising post from a subreddit reddit top <subreddit> gets a random top post from a subreddit reddit random <subreddit> gets a random post from a subreddit and that's currently all it has to offer. It will let you know if you have entered an invalid subreddit

    I hope this package aids you in using reddit's api

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    npm i @cxllm/reddit

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