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    Aladin Lite

    An astronomical HiPS visualizer in the browser Aladin Lite logo

    Aladin Lite is a Web application which enables HiPS visualization from the browser. It is developed at CDS, Strasbourg astronomical data center.

    See A&A 578, A114 (2015) and IVOA HiPS Recommendation for more details about the HiPS standard.

    Aladin Lite is built to be easily embeddable in any web page. It powers astronomical portals like ESASky, ESO Science Archive portal and ALMA Portal.

    More details on Aladin Lite documentation page.

    Source code

    Source code is available in the src directory.


    Aladin Lite is currently licensed under GPL v3.0

    If you think this license might prevent you from using Aladin Lite in your pages/application/portal, please open an issue or contact us

    Building the application

    1. Clone the repository
    2. Go to the scriptsdirectory
    3. Open the build.sh file and adapt paths to uglifyjs and lessc
    4. Launch ./build.sh
    5. Go to directory ../distrib/latest/ , type python3 -m http.server 42195 and open your browser at to launch the built application


    There are several ways to contribute to Aladin Lite:

    • report a bug: anyone is welcome to open an issue to report a bug. Please make sure first the issue does not exist yet. Be as specific as possible, and provide if possible detailed instructions about how to reproduce the problem.

    • suggest a new feature: if you feel something is missing, check first if a similar feature request has not already been submitted in the open issues. If not, open a new issue, and give a detailed explanation of the feature you wish.

    • develop new features/provide code fixing bugs. As open development is a new thing for us, we will in a first time only take into consideration code contribution (i.e. Pull Requests) from our close partners. In any case, please get in touch before starting a major update or rewrite.


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