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    NodeJS CLI Framework created in memory of my trusty sidekick "Gunner" who passed away in 2019, his memory will last in my heart forever.

    Installation (Globally)

    Use gunner globally to create new CLI projects (using gunner new...) or for creating new commands (gunner make:command xxx) and extensions (gunner make:extension xxx)

    Using npm

    > npm install -g @codedungeon/gunner

    Using yarn

    > yarn add global @codedungeon/gunner

    Installation (Project)

    When creating new CLI projects which use the gunner CLI engine, you can install gunner into your project as you would other npm modules

    Using npm

    > npm install @codedungeon/gunner

    Using yarn

    > yarn add @codedungeon/gunner

    Using Gunner CLI

    You can use the Gunner CLI to create new CLI projects

    gunner new <project>

    You will receive a series of prompts to guide you through the new project creation process

    Gunner Prompts

    After new project has completed, you will see an installation summary similar to the following which will instruct what needs to happen next.

    Gunner Prompts

    Change directory to new project to review your new CLI project scaffoled with the gunner starter.

    Create new CLI command

    Using the Gunner CLI, you can create new CLI commands as follows

    gunner new:command test --name test

    A new CLI command will be created in the src/commands directory

    module.exports = {
      name: 'test',
      description: 'test description',
      disabled: false,
      hidden: false,
      usage: 'Do something cool, after all this is your command!',
      flags: {
        // example flag, adjust accordingly
        name: { aliases: ['n'], description: 'Command name', required: false },
      execute(toolbox) {
        let name = toolbox.strings.titleCase( || 'world')`Hello ${name}`)

    You can see your new CLI command in action by executing

    hello test --name Mike

    which will print the info

    Hello Mike

    Now, have a look at the CLI help

    hello --help
    🚧 hello v0.0.1 build 1
       Crafted with love by Mike Erickson ((
      hello info --limit 5
      say-hello [args]              Say hello to my little friend!
      test [args]                   test description
      --help, -h, -H                Shows Help (this screen)
      --overwrite, -o               Overwrite Existing Files(s) if creating in command
      --quiet, -q                   Quiet mode (suppress console output)
      --version, -v, -V             Show Version
                                     (includes table of hello options)
      hello info --versions 7,8

    And, you can see command level help using the following example

    hello test --help

    Will output command help

    🛠  test
       test description
      Do something cool, after all this is your command!
      --name, -n              Command name

    Adding Gunner CLI Engine to existing projects

    In addition to creating new CLI projects discussed above, you can also add the Gunner CLI Engine to an existing Node based project by installing @codedungeon/gunner (see Installation above)

    • Create index.js file and add the following (showing the bare minimum required)
    #!/usr/bin/env node
    const { CLI } = require('@codedungeon/gunner')
    const pkgInfo = require('./package.json')
    const app = new CLI(process.argv, __dirname)
      .usage(`${pkgInfo.packageName} make:command TestCommand --name test:command`)
      .options(/* if not called, options will be suppressed in help dialog */)
      .version(/* version string override, if not supplied default version info will be displayed */)
        /* if not called, examples will be suppressed in help dialog */
        `${pkgInfo.packageName} make:command TestCommand --name hello`
    • Create new command in the src/commands directory (you can use the gunner new:command to quickly scaffold a new CLI command)
    gunner make:command test --name test --description="test description"
    • Test you new CLI by executing node index.js from the root of your project
    node index.js --help

    Gunner API

    Refer to docs/

    Refer to docs/


    Copyright © 2019-2021 Mike Erickson Released under the MIT license


    Gunner written by Mike Erickson


    Twitter: @codedungeon



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