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Zeit Now v2 Extension for Probot

A Probot extenstion to make it easier to run your Probot Apps on Zeit Now v2

Zeit Now v2 changes its functionality from long-running processes to functions. This means v2 deployments can't start probot run, and instead need direct access to the App's endpoint.


$ npm install @chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now
//  now.js
var { serverless } = require('@chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now')
const appFn = require('./')
module.exports = serverless(appFn)
//  index.js
module.exports = app => {
  app.on('issues.opened', async context => {
    // A new issue was opened, what should we do with it?
// now.json
  "version": 2,
  "env": {
    "APP_ID": "@app-id",
    "WEBHOOK_SECRET": "@webhook-secret",
    "PRIVATE_KEY": "@private-key-base64-encoded"
  "builds": [{ "src": "now.js", "use": "@now/node" }],
  "routes": [{ "src": "/", "dest": "/now.js" }]
$ now # Deploy using now! 

Using Routes

Zeit Now encourages multiple granular endpoints instead of one monolithic app, so whenever possible you should separate custom routing. That being said, there may be cases for wanting to have custom routes inside of your app using app.route(). To enable this, simply change the src path in your now.json to have a wildcard ending ("src": "/*").

  "routes": [{ "src": "/*", "dest": "/now.js" }]

Multiple Apps

As mentioned in using routes, monolithic apps are discouraged. That being said, there may be a use case for running multiple Probot Apps together (ie logging, stats, etc). For this reason the serverless function also accepts an array of app functions.

var { serverless } = require('@chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now')
const statsApp = require('probot/lib/apps/stats')
const myApp = require('./')
module.exports = serverless([statsApp, myApp])


serverless(appFn[, options])

Create a new instance of Probot and load the supplied App[s].


Name Type Required Description
appFn function | array true Single or array of of Probot App functions
options object false Probot config options


Name Type Default Description
id number process.env.APP_ID The App ID assigned to your GitHub App
secret string process.env.WEBHOOK_SECRET The webhook secret used when creating a GitHub App
cert string findPrivateKey() The contents of the GitHub App private key (multiline or base64)


With default options

var { serverless } = require('@chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now')
const appFn = require('./')
module.exports = serverless(appFn)

With custom options

var { serverless } = require('@chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now')
const appFn = require('./')
const options = {
  id: 123,
  secret: process.env.MY_SECRET,
  cert: process.env.MY_PRIVATE_KEY
module.exports = serverless(appFn, options)


With npm installed, run

$ npm install @chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now

This package is meant to be installed alongside your Probot app, so probot is a peer dependency.


@chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now was inspired by probot/serverless-lambda

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MIT Copyright Chad Fawcett


npm i @chadfawcett/probot-serverless-now

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