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    JavaScript library for application state-management.

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    Biscuit is a modular tool for creating and editing configurable containers for managed states. The goal of the Biscuit-store is to simplify the process of working with states as much as possible, while at the same time providing a consistent architectural approach.


    • Flexible architecture
    • immutable
    • Asynchronous out of the box
    • React support
    • Simple extension with middleware
    • Easy debugging

    The approach to creating containers in a biscuit is simple and can be described using the example of creating a duck:

    1. Create a duck;
    2. Tell the duck that it is by definition a duck so it must swim, quack and fly;
    3. Teach the duck to swim, fly and quack.


    Installation of core files

    npm install @biscuit-store/core

    installing the adapter extension

    npm install @biscuit-store/adapter 

    Installing an extension to share with react

    npm install @biscuit-store/react 



    Basic exemple

    This example describes the process of creating a repository using the createStore method.

    import { createStore } from "@biscuit-store/core";
    import { connect } from "./counterAdapter";
    const { store, actions } = createStore({
      name: "counter",
      initial: { value: 0 },
      actions: {
        increment: "increment/action",
        decrement: "decrement/action"
      middleware: [connect]
    const { increment, decrement } = actions;
    increment.subscribe(() => {
    decrement.subscribe(() => {
    store.subscribe(({ value }) => {
      console.log("count:", value);
    increment.dispatch({value: 1});

    The adapter module is used for encapsulated state management.

    import { createAdapter } from "@biscuit-store/adapter";
    const { action, connect } = createAdapter();
    action("increment/action", ({ payload, state }) => {
      state.value += payload.value;
    action("decrement/action", ({ payload, state }) => {
      state.value -= payload.value;
    export { connect };

    Edit Biscuit-store/example-javascript

    Example with combined actions

    Combined actions are a way to create a repository with built-in managed states. This approach is ideal for stores with a small logical load.

    import { createStore } from "@biscuit-store/core";
    const { actions } = createStore({
      name: "counter",
      initial: { value: 0 },
      combineActions: {
        increment: (state) => {
          state.value += 1;
        decrement: (state) => {
          state.value -= 1;
    const { increment, decrement } = actions;
    increment.dispatch().after(({ value }) => {
       console.log("count:", value);

    Edit Biscuit-store/example-javascript (forked)

    Some more examples

    Tested in browsers

    Platform chrome ie opera ff safari
    Version 48+ 11+ 25+ 40+ 9+
    Checked chrome chrome chrome chrome chrome


    If you liked the library, you have many ways to help it develop.

    • You can write about the biscuit-store on various forums;
    • Put a star on github;
    • Write about the bugs found and suggest improvements;
    • Participate in the development, offer your pull request;
    • Or you can just help financially;

    The rules of assistance can be found here.


    Any financial help will help the biscuit to become better.

    Buy Me A Coffee


    The idea of developing this library was inspired by the Redux project. During the introduction to the biscuit-store, you will see several patterns that are similar to the concepts of Redux. Nevertheless, biscuit is a separate library that uses completely different architectural principles.


    If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, suggestions for cooperation, or if you like the library and want to become a sponsor, please contact the developer by email: biscuitstorejs@gmail.com.


    You can see the list of changes here


    • The library is still young and is in beta testing, for this reason, you may stumble upon bugs and flaws. Please be constructive and help us make this tool better.
    • The developer is not a full-fledged native speaker of English, for this reason, there may be errors and tautologies in the documentation, if you have the opportunity to make the documentation better, then I will be glad of any help.


    Copyright (c) 2021 Philipp Zhulev

    MIT License (MIT).


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