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    RCSB Saguaro Web Application is an open-source library built on the top of the RCSB Saguaro 1D Feature Viewer and designed to display protein features at the RCSB Web Site. The package collects protein annotations from the 1D Coordinate Server and the main RCSB Data API and generates preconfigures Protein Feature Summaries. The package allows access to RCSB Saguaro methods to add or change displayed data.

    Node Module Instalation

    npm install @bioinsilico/rcsb-saguaro-app

    CDN JavaScript

    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@bioinsilico/rcsb-saguaro-app@0.9.20/dist/build/app.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    JavaScript Examples

    The full collection of examples can be edit and modified at CODEPEN

    Library Documentation

    TypeScript classes documentation can be found here.

    Main Class and Methods

    RcsbFvWebApp calss provides a collection of methods to display preconfigured features over PDB and UniProt sequences as displayed at RCSB PDB web site. Additionally, it allows to configure board size and set up feature click events.

    • RcsbFvWebApp.buildUniprotFv(elementId: string, upAcc: string)

    • RcsbFvWebApp.buildEntityFv(elementId: string, entityId: string)

    • RcsbFvWebApp.buildInstanceFv(elementId: string, instanceId: string)

    • RcsbFvWebApp.buildUniprotEntityFv(elementId: string, upAcc: string, entityId: string)

    • RcsbFvWebApp.buildUniprotEntityInstanceFv(elementId: string, upAcc: string, entityId: string, instanceId: string)

    • RcsbFvWebApp.setBoardConfig(boardConfigData: RcsbFvBoardConfigInterface)

    • RcsbFvWebApp.getRcsbFv(elementId: string)


    npm i @bioinsilico/rcsb-saguaro-app

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