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    Extension for mdast-util-from-markdown and mdast-util-to-markdown to support pandoc-style citations. Converts the token stream produced by micromark-extension-cite into an abstract syntax tree.

    Note that this extension only parses the input -- it is up to you to assign meaning to these citations by looking up each key in a .bibtex file or other tagged citation database.

    Using remark? You probably shouldn’t use this package directly, but instead use remark-cite. See micromark-extension-cite for a full description of the supported syntax.


    Install @benrbray/mdast-util-cite on npm.

    npm install @benrbray/mdast-util-cite


    Markdown to AST

    import fromMarkdown from 'mdast-util-from-markdown'
    import { citeSyntax } from 'micromark-extension-cite'
    import { citeFromMarkdown } from 'mdast-util-cite'
    let ast = fromMarkdown('[see @wadler1989, sec. 1.3; and -@hughes1990, pp.4]', {
      extensions: [citeSyntax()],
      mdastExtensions: [citeFromMarkdown]

    The corresponding node in the abstract syntax tree has the form below, where:

    • value contains the original markdown source
    • data.altSyntax will be true if the citation uses the alternate syntax
    • data.citeItems is a list of items cited by the node
      • each item has a key and optionally prefix and suffix strings
      • if the item's key was preceded by a -, item.suppressAuthor will be true
    	"type": "cite",
    	"value": "[see @wadler1989, sec. 1.3; and -@hughes1990, pp.4]",
    	"data": {
    		"citeItems": [
    				"prefix": "see ",
    				"key": "wadler1989",
    				"suffix": ", sec. 1.3"
    				"prefix": " and ",
    				"suppressAuthor": true,
    				"key": "hughes1990",
    				"suffix": ", pp.4"

    AST to Markdown

    Taking the ast from the previous example,

    import fromMarkdown from 'mdast-util-from-markdown'
    import { citeToMarkdown } from 'mdast-util-cite'
    const defaultOptions = {
    	standardizeAltSyntax: false,
    	enableAuthorSuppression: true,
    	useNodeValue: false,
    let markdownString = toMarkdown(ast, {
    	extensions: [citeToMarkdown(defaultOptions)]

    The result will be:

    [see @wadler1989, sec. 1.3; and -@hughes1990, pp.4]

    The citeToMarkdown extension has the following options:

    • options.standardizeAltSyntax (default false): When true, nodes with data.altSyntax = true will be rendered in standard pandoc syntax [@cite] rather than the alternative syntax @[cite].

    • options.enableAuthorSuppression (default true): When false, will not produce author suppression hyphens - in the output markdown, even if they are present in the AST.

    • options.useNodeValue (default false): When true, every citation node serializes to its node.value, rather than being reconstructed from its data.citeItems list. When active, this setting overrides all other options.


    npm i @benrbray/mdast-util-cite

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