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    ms-graph-cli: tiny & elegant cli to authenticate microsoft graph


    ms-graph-cli helps you run through microsoft's get access on behalf of a user easily! Created mainly for helping onedrive & sharepoint get the access-token and refresh-token to access ms-graph API.

    Graph permissons needed

    • onedrive: Files.Read.All Files.ReadWrite.All offline_access
    • sharepoint: Sites.Read.All Sites.ReadWrite.All offline_access

    CLI usage

    !Note: To automate the redirection process, ms-graph-cli needs your app's redirect_uri set to http://localhost:3000, the port can be changed as long as you have system permission to create a http server on that port

    If you are somehow unable to meet the requirements of redirect_uri, please use the legacy version

    # Print generated credentials to stdout
    npx @beetcb/ms-graph-cli
    # Save generated credentials to .env file
    npx @beetcb/ms-graph-cli -s
    # Specify the display language, support CN \ EN, default is EN
    npx @beetcb/ms-graph-cli -l cn
    # Or specify them both
    npx @beetcb/ms-graph-cli -s -l cn

    Generated credentials

    It's a object(maybe .env-fromatted) contains following key-value pairs:

    • access_token: use it to access ms-graph
    • refresh_token: use it to refresh the access_token
    • redirect_uri: your application redirect uri
    • client_id: your application client id
    • client_secret: your application client secret(this can be ignored when using public client)
    • auth_endpoint: api endpoint to request token
    • drive_api: api endpoint to access your drive resource
    • graph_api: api endpoint to access ms-graph
    • site_id?: sharepoint site id

    All fields in the object are your private information, please keep it safe.


    • [x] Create a local server to catch the redirect code
    • [x] Better error handling


    npm i @beetcb/ms-graph-cli

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