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    The psammead-consent-banner component is a styled div that encapsulates information regarding privacy and cookie policy. The component also has two options, for users to accept the policy or be directed to a page with additional information regarding the data policy.


    npm install @bbc/psammead-consent-banner


    Argument Type Required Default Example
    title string Yes N/A We've updated our Privacy and Cookies Policy
    text element Yes N/A <ConsentBannerText script={script}> This is some text</ConsentBannerText>
    accept element Yes N/A <button type="button">Accept</button>
    reject element Yes N/A <a href="https://www.bbc.co.uk/usingthebbc/your-data-matters">Find out what's changed</a>
    id string No Null ConsentBanner
    hidden bool No Null false
    dir string No 'ltr' One of 'rtl' 'ltr'
    script script Yes N/A { canon: { groupA: { fontSize: '28', lineHeight: '32',}, groupB: { fontSize: '32', lineHeight: '36', }, groupD: { fontSize: '44', lineHeight: '48', }, }, trafalgar: { groupA: { fontSize: '20', lineHeight: '24', }, groupB: { fontSize: '24', lineHeight: '28', }, groupD: { fontSize: '32', lineHeight: '36', }, }, }
    service string Yes N/A 'news'
    headingRef Reference no null useRef(null)


    The typical use-case of this component is on top of the webpage of all page types. It is visible for new users.

    The headingRef prop is used so that the title of the consent banner can be programmatically focussed for accessibility reasons. This ref will be assigned to an HTML heading element which can be focussed using the DOM APIs: headingRef.current.focus().

    import { ConsentBanner, ConsentBannerText } from '@bbc/psammead-consent-banner';
    import { latin } from '@bbc/gel-foundations/scripts';
    const Accept = (
      <button onClick={() => {}} type="button">
    const Reject = (
      <a href="https://www.bbc.co.uk/usingthebbc/your-data-matters">
        Find out what&apos;s changed
    const Text = (
      <ConsentBannerText dir="ltr" script={latin} service="news">
        This is some text with <a href="https://www.bbc.com/news">a link</a> inside
        the consent banner. We have made some important changes to our Privacy and
        Cookie Policy.
    const props = {
      dir: 'ltr',
      title: 'We have updated our Privacy and Cookies Policy',
      text: Text,
      accept: Accept,
      reject: Reject,
      id: null,
      hidden: false,
      script: latin,
      service: 'news',
    <ConsentBanner {...props} />;


    Psammead is completely open source. We are grateful for any contributions, whether they be new components, bug fixes or general improvements. Please see our primary contributing guide which can be found at the root of the Psammead respository.

    Code of Conduct

    We welcome feedback and help on this work. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by the code of conduct. Please take a moment to read it.


    Psammead is Apache 2.0 licensed.


    npm i @bbc/psammead-consent-banner

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