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    An accessibility visualization toolkit.

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    This is a fork of the original Tota11y from Khan Academy, by Babylon Health. Inspired by why Khan Academy built tota11y, some of the functionality has been updated or tweaked to reflect the needs of Babylon's web developers.

    New Features

    UI changes

    • When hovering over a tota11y label, bump upits z-index in case it is obscured by a nearby label in busy pages.
    • Make Tota11y responsive when screen is zoomed to 200%
    • Split out modules into most-common ones for content editors, and those for 'developers' (e.g. people with control over HTML blocks and form fields)
    • Add links to Babylon DNA guidance where applicable
    • Redesigned UI to be white background, easier to see against cookie banners etc

    Screenreader wand

    • change the name of screenreader wand, which over-promises (screen readers often give other info about form fields, e.g. required). Don't want to suggest that Tota11y replaces testing with Assistive Technologies.
    • added exposure of value attribute on input type=submit fields (as that is what gets exposed and wasn't being reported).
    • Add value of aria-describedby attributes as that is also passed to AT, especially as hints/ instructions on form fields.

    Contrast checker

    • stop contrast checker grumbling about transparent (therefore, invisible) text, eg on Amazon, Guardian.
    • don't check text 'visually hidden' using the common clip pattern which we use in Babylon. (It's a very naive test).
    • Correct calculation of contrast ratio in the contrast module to take account of boldness of text and not just rely on font-size. (Thanks Mozilla dev tools!). Added MPL license.

    Alt text checker

    Tweaked img/alt module to ask users to check accuracy of alt text (rather than perhaps falsely-reassure that presence of alt text is actually useful or related to the image)

    Empty elements plugin added

    • Add tests for empty nav, header, main, aside, footer, figcaption elements These could be announced to screen reader users (but will be empty) and justifiably make people grumpy.
    • Empty p and multiple br elements give a warning, as they may indicate shonky CSS but aren't a disaster for a11y.

    Title attributes plugin added

    New Titles module to show missing titles on iframes (error), and warnings for superfluous titles on other things erroneously put there to placate the false idols of Search Engine Optimists (see The Trials and Tribulations of the Title Attribute)

    Landmarks and roles plugin

    Added functionality to expose HTML5 landmarks (footer, header etc, shown in CAPITALS) and ARIA roles that have been explicitly set (but not those that are implicit, because that's not as useful for diagnosing coder errors). And it's hard to deduce them as the platform doesn't have a getComputedRole method, which is criminal, but there we are.


    Want to contribute to tota11y? Awesome! Run the following in your terminal:

    git clone
    cd tota11y/
    npm install

    Architecture Overview

    Most of the functionality in tota11y comes from its plugins. Each plugin gets its own directory in plugins/ and maintains its own JavaScript, CSS, and even handlebars. Here's what the simple LandmarksPlugin looks like.

    plugins/shared/ contains a variety of shared utilities for the plugins, namely the info-panel and annotate modules, which are used to report accessibility violations on the screen.

    index.js brings it all together.

    tota11y uses a variety of technologies, including jQuery, webpack, babel, and JSX. There's no need to know all (or any!) of these to contribute to tota11y, but we hope tota11y is a good place to learn something new and interesting.


    To create a development build as the test server uses:

    npm run build:dev

    To create a production build, with minified and unminified output:

    npm run build:prod

    The JS builds will be in the dists folder. The bookmarklet pulls in the minified version.

    Community Examples

    Want to integrate tota11y into your site, but don't know where to start? Here are some examples from the tota11y community to inspire you:

    Special thanks

    Many of tota11y's features come straight from Google Chrome's Accessibility Developer Tools. Some of the logic for the Babylon revamp of the contrast checker (specifically, deciding if bold text is 'large' enough to need a 3:1 contrast ratio rather than 4.5:1) is adapted from Mozilla dev tools, under the MPL2 license.


    Tota11y is licensed under the MIT AND MPL-2.0 AND Apache-2.0.


    npm i @babylon/tota11y2

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