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    2.0.5 • Public • Published

    VIP-CLI is your tool for interacting with and managing your VIP applications.

    Getting started

    First, install the package:

    npm install -g @automattic/vip

    Then, launch the command and follow the prompts:


    If you need more information, check out our VIP CLI documentation.


    By default, we record information about the usage of this tool using an in-house analytics sytem. If you would prefer to opt-out of this data collection, you can do so via the DO_NOT_TRACK environment variable. You may either export it in your shell configuration or specify it on the command line (e.g. DO_NOT_TRACK=1 vip app list).



    • Fix a bug when comparing env data to selected environment #697


    • Bump from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 (Fixes WP-CLI in node 15+) #679
    • Additional SQL import file static validations #669


    • Improved SQL import validation around the use of TRIGGER


    • Improved handling of debug output during search & replace
    • Updated the vip-search-replace package to ^1.0.13


    • SQL Import: Improved reporting of server-side failures
    • SQL Import: Add ability to skip local validation
    • Updated the vip-search-replace package to v1.0.12
    • SQL Import: Fix and test for multi-site tables that have more than one digit


    • Drops support for Node 8
    • Added Security Policy
    • Added SQL file import feature for new sites
    • Added SQL search and replace feature


    • Updated list of accepted special characters for media files for imports


    • Added multisite support for media files validation
    • Added Tracks for SQL and media file validation events


    • Added support for multiple nested folders for the media file validation command


    • Added fix to process the import validation subcommands


    • Added vip import validate sql and vip import validate files commands to run static validation checks for SQL and media files for imports


    • Added support for specifying a SOCKS proxy through the environment variable VIP_PROXY


    • Added support for opting out of usage tracking via DO_NOT_TRACK environment variable #547
    • Fix interactive commands not working correctly #478
    • Show usage information when an unsupported command is entered #527
    • Dependency & dev dependency upgrades


    • Fixes around cancelling commands via Ctrl-C
    • Gracefully handle remote command cancellation
    • Enhance Rollbar logging for additional use cases


    • Resume long-running WP-CLI commands in case of network interruptions


    • Corrected some install issues with the 1.6.0/1.6.1 releases.


    • We added ability to cancel running commands.
    • We fixed an issue with trailing characters such as line breaks affecting use of command output by scripts.
    • Various dependancy updates.


    • Added --yes flag for WP-CLI commands to skip confirmation on production environments.
    • We fixed the character limit errors raised when running long WP-CLI commands.
    • We've added Rollbar to allow us to monitor and address errors
    • We updated third party dependencies to newer, more secure versions.


    • No functional changes, 1.4.0 was already taken on NPM :)


    • Added "environment alias" support (vip @my-site.env sync)
    • Added support for WP-CLI commands
    • Misc. dependency updates


    • We now display information header for every vip app --app execution (#223).
    • We fixed the logout bug asking the user to login before being able to logout (#222) and we also display a message when a user logout (#221).
    • We replaced inquirer with enquirer (#229).
    • We fixed a bug where we didn't check if we can sync to an environment before accessing some information about it (#230).
    • We fixed an EPIPE bug when hitting q in app list command (#225).
    • We updated third party dependencies to newer, more secure versions.


    • The 1.2.0 version was containing a bug and we published a patch to fix it. Please use this version instead.


    • We now display a preview of the sync feature with the backup time and the search/replace taking place in your database.
    • We now display your mapped domain instead of the placeholder domain in vip app and vip app list.
    • We now display a better message when an app does not have any non-production environments.
    • We fixed a bug where the help menu was not showing until you're logged in.
    • We updated third party dependencies to newer, more secure versions.


    • We now correctly report errors when vip sync fails. Previously, this would incorrectly report that a sync was run previously.
    • We fixed permissions issues for some users with admin access for repos. They were unable to properly view and access applications.
    • We now display more applications in vip app list (up to 100!) and have made it easier to browse through a large list thanks to ($PAGER|less) support. Previously you would only see the first 10 applications in your account.


    The first release!

    • vip app list: view a list of all your applications.
    • vip app: view details about one of your applications.
    • vip sync: trigger a data sync to synchronize data from your production environment to non-production environments.

    More details at:


    npm i @automattic/vip

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