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npm install @atlassian/confluence-web-components


<!doctype html>
    <title>My connect add-on</title>
    <script src="node_modules/@atlassian/confluence-web-components/dist/confluence-web-components.js"></script>
    <confluence-quick-search placeholder="Search..."></confluence-quick-search>


The Confluence web components are provided as 4 different bundles, which contain all components:

File Size (gzipped) Description
dist/confluence-web-components-flatpack.js 156kb This is the unminified bundle with all dependencies included. This is the best option forgetting up and running and for use in your development environment.
dist/confluence-web-components-flatpack.min.js 44kb The minified version of the bundle above. This is what you should use in production.
dist/confluence-web-components.js 11.4kb This is the unminified bundle with React and ReactDOM excluded. You should use this bundle if you use React for your own components and would like to use a shared/CDN copy. The bundle assumes that React and ReactDOM are available as global variables.
dist/confluence-web-components.min.js 6.6kb The minified version of the previous version. This is the best option for a production environment using a CDN copy of React and ReactDOM.

NOTE: It is not currently supported to consume individual web components or create your own custom bundle.

Quick search


Allows users to easily navigate to recently visited pages, perform a search without leaving the current page, or performance a site-wide search.

container-class {string} - A CSS class name that will be applied to the root DOM node. Use this to help target styles in your theme. placeholder {bool} - Placeholder text to show in the search input field.

Content body


Renders the HTML content for a piece of content (e.g. page or blogpost). This does not include the content title or comments.

content-id {number} - The ID of the content to render. This parameter is required.

Content list

Displays a list of content items based on a CQL query.


cql {string} - The CQL used to retrieve content. tag-name {ul|ol=ol} - The tag of the containing element. Default is "ol". limit {number=25} - The maximum number of items to fetch and display. Default is 25. container-class - Will be applied to the root element. item-class - Will be applied to each item in the list.

Running the Connect add-on locally

Setup this repo locally

git clone https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/confluence-web-components.git
nvm install v4.2.2             # switch to node 4.2.2
npm install                    # install dependencies

Start Confluence on port 1990

Start the add-on on port 3000

npm start

When the add-on starts, it will automatically register itself with the local Confluence instance.

Potential roadmap


  • Will include the following components:
    • Comment list
    • Content body
    • Content list
    • Content title
    • Quick search
    • Space title
    • Space list
  • Will use React 0.14.5


  • Will only include bug fixes or backwards compatible changes to components from 1.0 release.


  • Will include new components, potential deprecation of existing components, or minor React version updates.


npm i @atlassian/confluence-web-components

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