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    Crypto Testing

    Experimentation and research in cryptography.

    Contains a number of experimental utilities for building cryptographic primitives and a few experimental implementations.

    It is hoped that some of the items here will be useful for other people who are also studying cryptography in a JavaScript context.

    In particular the implementations, computation algorithms and tests could be useful to help improve understanding.


    npm install @andybry/crypto-testing


    • shared/big-int: working with and converting to and from big ints
    • shared/bit: working with and converting to and from bits
    • shared/byte: working with and converting to and from bytes
    • shared/curve: elliptic curve implementation
    • shared/fp2: implementation of field of order p squared
    • shared/random: secure random generators
    • shared/secp256k1: parameters and associated elliptic curve implementation
    • shared/string: working with and converting to and from string representations of data
    • shared/zn: implementation of field of order p (or could be used for rings if n is not prime)


    • npm run des: implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (for 1 64-bit block)
    • npm run des:node: the same thing using nodes crypto API for comparison
    • npm run ecdsa: demonstrates the implentation of ECDSA using secp256k1
    • npm run ecdsa:vs-ethereum: compares local signing and recovery with the Ethereum version (from web3.js)


    npm i @andybry/crypto-testing

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