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Skill Flow Builder Skill Library

The Skill Flow Builder Skill Library joins Alexa skill code to the SFB engine. This package handles incoming requests from Alexa into the skill, delegates any narrative content related work to the SFB content framework, and then forms an Alexa response to be handled by ASK. This package also includes any extensions that enable additional Skill interfaces, such as In-Skill Products and the Alexa Presentation Language.

Visit Skill Flow Builder on Github for more information.

Getting Started


The following needs to be installed and configured:

Node.js (with npm) # Note: Requires Node.js version >= 10.15.


yarn install && yarn compile

The compiled code is built into the dist/ directory. The Skill Flow Builder Skill Library requires other core modules to be built. To build all the modules in the packages/ directory at once, run yarn build-modules.


yarn test

This will run all unit tests in the src/test/ directory.

Package Structure

The SFB Skill Library package structure looks like this, with most of the library source code existing inside the src/ directory.

└── src/ # SFB Skill Library source code
│   └─── entity/ # Entity interfaces
│   └─── handler/ # Handlers of the different types of incoming requests
│   └─── sfbExtension/ # SFB extensions that providing different functionality
│   └─── test/ # Tests
│   └─── ...
└─── ...


The SFB Skill Library provides all the functionality for integrating the SFB engine with Alexa Skills, including handling requests and sending directives. You can locally recompile the source code with yarn compile, but you will have to run yarn build-modules, in order for your changes to show appropriately in other modules.


npm i @alexa-games/sfb-skill

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