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Deprecation Notice

Don’t use this for new projects.
telegram-mtproto is much more advanced and has a better API.

Also check treact. My attempt to write Telegram client in React.js


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Telegram Mobile Protocol (MTProto) unofficial library in pure javascript on the Node.js platform

About MTProto..

MTProto is the Telegram Messenger protocol "designed for access to a server API from applications running on mobile devices".

The Mobile Protocol is subdivided into three components (from the official site):

  • High-level component (API query language): defines the method whereby API queries and responses are converted to binary messages.

  • Cryptographic (authorization) layer: defines the method by which messages are encrypted prior to being transmitted through the transport protocol.

  • Transport component: defines the method for the client and the server to transmit messages over some other existing network protocol (such as, http, https, tcp, udp).

telegram-mt-node in short..

The telegram-mt-node library implements the Mobile Protocol and provides the following features:

  • Both TCP and HTTP connections implemented in the transport layer

  • A cipher implementation for AES and RSA encryption in the security layer

  • Both plain-text and encrypted message to communicate data with the server

  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange supported by the prime factorization function implemented in the security layer

  • MTProto TL-Schema compilation as javascript classes and functions via @goodmind/telegram-tl-node dependency

@goodmind/telegram.link main project depends by this library.


$ git clone --branch=master git://github.com/goodmind/telegram-mt-node.git
cd telegram-mt-node
$ npm install

Unit Testing

$ npm test


You can find an example where take an auth key on the fly and ask what is the nearest DataCenter:

$ npm run-script example


  • @goodmind/telegram-tl-node: a Telegram TypeLanguage library

  • get-log: a Node.js Logging Utility, easy to use and ready for production.

  • jsbn: a portable implementation of large-number math in pure JavaScript, enabling public-key crypto and other applications on desktop and mobile browsers.

  • bigint-node: the Leemon Baird BigInteger javascript library ported to Node.js

  • node-cryptojs-aes: A minimalist port of cryptojs javascript library to node.js, that supports AES symmetric key cryptography


The project is released under the Mit License


npm i @2012mjm/telegram-mt-node

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